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Model Z Owner's Manual
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How the Modern Pierce-Arrow Bus Opens a New Field of Transportation Profit

DURING the past few years there has been an almost amazing development in motor busses. Today a really modern motor bus must offer all the things which the riding public demands and eagerly pays for-a swift ride, a comfortable ride, a safe ride.

Pierce-Arrow is in the forefront of this development.

The modern six-cylinder Pierce-Arrow Motor Bus is the result. It represents, we believe, so distinct an advance over other types now in the field, that the owner of Pierce-Arrow equipment enjoys an unassailable advantage.

A Bus Built for Bus Operators

When the perfected Pierce-Arrow Bus was introduced, it won bus operators the country over. Here was the smoothest riding vehicle they yet had seen. Here, at last, was a chassis designed for mass passenger carrying. Not an elongated passenger car chassis; not a converted truck chassis; not in any way a compromise; but a real bus chassis designed solely for motor bus work.

At 2500 revolutions a minute, the engine develops more than 100 brake horsepower.

It runs quietly. The engine, being six-cylinder, is vibrationless. The gear box sets up no undue racket. The final drive, being of the silent worm-gear type, is free from noise.

Low hung, and in perfect "balance", the Pierce-Arrow Bus attains high road speeds without side-sway, without careening. It glides swiftly with the ease, grace and comfort of a fine limousine.

Why Operators Prefer Pierce-Arrow Busses

And, in the perfected Pierce-Arrow Motor Bus, operators find qualities which they long have sought. Drivers like to handle it. It does not fatigue them - a vital safety factor. The gears rarely need to be shifted, and when they do, the shift is made easily and positively without clashing.

Why the Pierce-Arrow Bus Attracts Riders

From the start it was successful. Operators found they could make more trips per day. They found that the Pierce-Arrow Bus attracted more fares per trip, for people like to ride in a Pierce-Arrow.

It is long and low. It looks comfortable. It looks safe. It looks speedy. And it is.

Under the hood is a silent, six-cylinder engine. It has dual valves and dual ignition. It has "getaway" almost equal to that of a high-powered roadster. It is so flexible it will throttle down to an unusually slow pace in high gear. No need for frequent and fatiguing gear-shifting in traffic.

Pierce-Arrow chassis, similar to the one illustrated are in use on more than 25 stage lines in California, Oregon and Washington. Some of them have traveled over 1,000,000 miles in this exacting, high speed, long distance service - eloquent proof of Pierce-Arrow reliability and durability.

The clutch pedal depresses easily. Steering is effortless. The turning radius is unusually short. The powerful brakes bring the vehicle to a quick halt-so quick in fact that at a speed of 30 miles an hour, the driver can stop a Pierce-Arrow Bus in an incredibly short distance.

The Pierce-Arrow Bus sets new standards of operating economy. Tires yield unusually high mileage. Gasoline consumption is surprisingly low.

Most important of all, the Pierce-Arrow Bus has unusual freedom from mechanical troubles. This means freedom from excessive repair bills, freedom from costly idleness, dependability in service.

And, because of Pierce-Arrow durability, the moderate first cost of the Pierce-Arrow Bus may be spread over thousands of miles of life, reducing the item of depreciation to a minimum.

Pierce-Arrow Service-Profit Insurance

Adequate service is vital to the success of motor bus operation. An idle motor bus disrupts schedules and disappoints patrons. It means loss of revenue,

At 2500 revolutions per minute it yields more than 100 brake horsepower, silently and without effort. It is so flexible that it can be accelerated in high gear from two miles per hour to express speed-quickly, quietly and without vibration. And it can main­ tain high road speeds with a surprising economy of operation.

The crankshaft has seven bearings of large area, and is perfectly balanced. Pistons, connecting rods and piston pins

and a waste of overhead costs which continue whether a bus is running or not. Necessary repairs and adjustments must be made quickly and without delay.

Safeguarding the profits of Pierce-Arrow Motor Bus operators is a network of Pierce-Arrow Service Stations which covers the country. They are manned by mechanics skilled in Pierce-Arrow methods of repair and maintenance. At their com­ mand are modern tools, mach­ inery and replacement parts, backed by a standard repair procedure that makes such repairs uniformly low in cost.

Dual-Valve Engine

In place of the usual four-cylinder engine, with its many limitations, is the Pierce-Arrow Dual-Valve, Dual-Ignition, six-cylinder power plant-smooth, powerful, vibration1essandsilent. In principle, it is similar to the famous Dual-Valve passenger car engine, recogni~ed as the most efficient engine of its stroke and bore ever designed. As devel­ oped especially for the Pierce-Arrow Motor Bus chassis, it possesses a performance which far surpasses all previous standards of motor bus operation.

An Engine Designed for Bus Work

Every unit of the Pierce-Arrow Model Z Motor Bus was designed solely for motor bus requirements. For instance, in place of the usual four-cylinder engine with its many limitations, is the Pierce-Arrow Dual-Valve, Dual-Ignition six cylinder power plant-smooth, powerful, vibration less and silent.

Dual valves and dual ignition are two important factors contributing to the remarkable performance and economy of this engine. Two inlet valves admit a maximum charge of explosive mixture. Two spark plugs insure quick and positive ignition at opposite points in the combustion chamber. Two exhaust valves completely scavenge each cylinder of all burnt gases, leaving none to contaminate and weaken the incoming fuel charge.

This perfect combustion insures unusual freedom from carbon and valve troubles.

are checked on delicate scales, so that the weight of each unit in every set is the same to preserve perfect balance and prevent vibration.

The force feed pressure oiling system insures ample lubrication at every vital point, thus lengthening the life of the engine.

You Can Pay for a Pierce-Arrow Bus As It Earns

Because the Pierce-Arrow Motor Bus is a recogni~ed money earner, you can make its earnings help pay for it. This sound business practice is endorsed by the Pierce-Arrow Finance Corporation, a Pierce-Arrow Banking institution. Any Pierce-Arrow Distributor will explain the liberal terms which may be arranged.

Ask for a Demonstration

We invite you to a complete demonstration of the Pierce­ Arrow Motor Bus. It will be given gladly without obligating you. Write us at the factory, or communicate with your nearest Pierce-Arrow Distributor.


THE sturdy, rugged construction of the chassis is apparent in this view. It is here that dependability and longevity are built into the Pierce­ Arrow Motor Bus. The sidemembers of the frame are eight inches deep with wide flanges. A rigid frame construction is obtained by riveting these to five crosspieces, with gusset plates acting as braces.

Notice the long, heavy underslung springs and the strong shackles that join them to the frame. These springs, together with the long wheelbase and diverging frame angle, help to produce the unequaled riding qualities of the Pierce-Arrow.

The low center of gravity is a strong factor in eliminating side-sway. Absence of side-sway not only gives the passengers a feeling of safety but also reduces wear on the body, chassis and tires, and makes handling easier. The latter is important because it conserves the energy of the driver and reduces the likelihood of accident.

Every possible precaution is taken in the Pierce-Arrow to eliminate driver fatigue, a source of constant danger. Emergency brake and gear shift levers are conveniently located. The accelerator is restful; clutch and service

brake pedals are easily operated. A headlight dimmer switch, located a few inches above the clutch pedal, can be operated by the foot without removing the eyes from the road. Switches, ammeter, oil gauge, primer, speedometer and other instruments are mounted on the dash.

Relining of service brakes is simplified by easily removable bands. This permits the maintenance of an extra set of bands, which can be quickly installed in place of worn ones. Two ten-inch drums are mounted on the pro­ peller shaft, an arrangement that utiliz;es the leverage of the worm gear­ stepping up braking effort and providing perfect equaliz;ation and freedom from skidding.

Emergency brakes are of the internal expanding type, operating on the rear wheels. The drums are large, affording an exceptional braking surface.

Emergency tire inflation is made quick and easy through the two-cylinder Kellogg Power Pump, which is attached to the transmission as standard equipment.

The gasoline tank is of heavy gauge steel and has a capacity of 36 gallons.

It may be mounted either on the side or rear, according to the type of body.


Model "Z" Bus Chassis, 196-inch and 220-inch Wheelbase

Pierce-Arrow Model "Z" Motor Bus chassis, in lead, on standard 36x6 pneumatic tires, single front and dual rear with 7 Budd Michelin disc wheels, including as standard equipment: Kellogg air pump, starter, generator, battery, electric horn, speedometer, tools, dash and dash equipment of ammeter, pressure oil gauge, gasoline pressure gauge, dash light, no cowl, no seat-196-inch Wheelbase: $5,650.00

220-inch Wheelbase, with standard 36 x 6 tires, 7 Budd Michelin wheels: 5,800.00

7 Budd Michelin Wheels, 6 pneumatic cord tires, 34 x 7 all around, single front, dual rear: $95.00 extra

F.O.B. Buffalo, 3% war tax to be added.

MAXIMUM GROSS WEIGHT: 15,000 pounds, including body, chassis and load.

196" wheelbase - 25 passengers
220" wheelbase - 30 passengers

196" wheelbase chassis, 274"
220" wheelbase chassis, 295"


WEIGHT OF CHASSIS: With full equipment, including gasoline, water, tools, etc.
196" wheelbase-approximately 6,240 lbs.
220" wheelbase-approximately 6,350 lbs.

SPRINGS: Underslung rear.
Front, 41 x 3
Rear, 60 x 3 1/2
Type, banded

FRAME: 196" wheelbase model, pressed steel, heat treated, 7 7/8" depth of side members, 3/16" thick, 3 3/8" maximum width of flange, upswept at rear.

FRAME: 220" wheelbase model, 8" depth of side members, 1/4" thick, 3 3/8" maximum width of flange, upswept at rear.

SERVICE BRAKES: Twin split drums, 10" diameter, 5" wide each, on propeller shaft; external contracting bands with equalizers. 240 square inches total braking area.

FRONT TREAD: 67 1/4" to center of tires.

196" wheelbase - 37 1/2 feet
220" wheelbase - 39 1/2 feet

REAR TREAD: 76 7/8" to center of tires.

SPEED: Six to one rear axle ratio; Recommended speed with pneumatic tires 35 M.P.H.

ENGINE: Bore and stroke, 4" x 5 1/2". Six-Cylinder Dual-Valve Double Ignition Bus Engine.

S.A.E. rating 38.
Cooling, thermostatically controlled.
Centrifugal pump. Honeycomb radiator.

CLUTCH: Multiple Disc.

TRANSMISSION: Four Speed and Reverse, located amidships.

REAR AXLE: 6-1 gear ratio; inverted worm drive; full-floating nickel steel load carrying tube and driving axles.

STEERING: Nut and Screw, adjustable. LEFT DRIVE, Center control.

GAS TANK: 220" wheelbase chassis-a 36-gallon capacity tank with visible gauge is mounted on the rear of the chassis slightly below the top of frame.
196" wheelbase chassis - a 36-gallon capacity tank with visible gauge is mounted on the right side of the frame behind driver's seat.
The filler spout is extended to facilitate filling from the outside.

HAND BRAKE: Internal expanding on rear wheels. 17 1/4" internal diameter of drums. Band, 5" wide. 515 square inches total braking area.

WHEELS: Standard 36" x 6" Budd Michelin disc type with one spare disc. Optional at extra cost 7 Budd Michelin disc type; 6 pneumatic cords, 34 x 7, single front, dual rear.

LIGHTS: Electric head, tail and dash lamps, standard equipment.

TOOL EQUIPMENT: A complete set of tools is standard equipment.

HORN, Electric horn is supplied as standard equipment.

TIRES: Chassis furnished with 36 x 6 pneumatic tires, single front, dual rear; or 32 x 6 pneumatic single front, dual rear. At extra cost - 34 x 7 or 38 x 7 pneumatic tires, single front, dual rear.

STARTER: Electric starter, 12-volt generator and battery, standard equipment.

POWER TIRE PUMP: Kellogg two-cylinder power tire pump mounted on transmission.

SPEEDOMETER: Standard equipment on dash, driven from transmission.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Ammeter, located on dash; Gasoline Gauge on tank; Pressure Oil Gauge on dash; Gasoline Pressure Gauge on dash.

Body by California Motor Coach Company Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

FOR suburban and city service the street-car pay~enter bus best meets the requirements of this strenuous type of work. The fleet of Pierce-Arrow street car type busses shown on the obverse page has recently been placed in service in Monterey Heights and Westwood Highlands, San Francisco suburbs, for connection with the city's electric lines.

These busses have a capacity of 29 passengers and driver. Six two-passenger seats are placed each side of the aisle with a five-passenger tonneau seat in the rear. These seats are of the street car type and covered with rattan. An upholstered bucket seat is provided for the driver.

Windows are constructed with brass sash, thick plate glass being used. Instead of dropping into the panel, the windows raise as is customary with standard street car type construction. Pullman type roller curtains are provided.

A Pantesote curtain is furnished to draw down around the driver for night driving, shielding his eyes from the lights inside the bus. A rear vision mirror and sun visor is also provided.


CONSTRUCTION - All lumber used in these bodies is of the best grade white ash, or its equivalent, fitted, glued, bolted or screwed together in the very best workmanlike manner. Floors are of 1-inch tongue and groove fir or spruce flooring, securely glued and screwed to side sills. The top bows are of the best grade of clean ash, bolted to the top rail and so made that vibratian is eliminated. The top is covered with 3-ply Haskelite Veneer, curved to fit over bows. Over the Haskelite is applied a heavy canvas cover, set in a coat of white lead.

OUTSIDE COVERING - Twenty gauge silver finished body steel is used. This covers the body from the bottom of the body to the drip moulding, giving a

smooth finish to paint on. All joints are covered with three-quarter half oval aluminum moulding, screwed in place with brass screws.

EQUIPMENT - Includes electric lights, buzzer system, space for advertising cards, wind shield with wiper, three roof and one cowl ventilators, destination sign, and hand straps attached to the roof for standing passengers.

PAINTING - Exterior is finished in lacquer enamel. The interior is finished in gray, below the belt rail, above the belt rail in Birch, stained to represent Cherry. The interior of the roof is finished in enamel.

Body by Brown Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

FOR city and town work the standard street car pay~enter type of body is especially adapted. Service such as this requires a sturdy body that is light in weight, with entrance low and wide, a door operated with little effort on the driver's part and a seating arrangement that allows passengers to easily find a seat and leave quickly when arriving at their destination.

In this body built by the Brown Body Corporation these requirements have been met in a most successful way. Brown bodies are unusually light in weight and strong. The seating arrangement is well designed, and the door control, which is full ball-bearing, operates with ease.

The window construction is a Brown patent and is of aluminum. The roof is so constructed that the windows raise up into the roof. They are adjustable to several heights. The three windows in the rear are stationary and are protected by guards.


SEATING ARRANGEMENT--Seats are of the touring car type, upholstered in genuine Brown Spanish leather, and arranged to give ample knee room. The driver's seat is of the ventilated type. Longitudinal seats are optional over wheel housings. Push buttons are convenient to each seat with a monitor bell at the left of the driver.

CONSTRUCTION - Body construction is especially sturdy, with framework of second growth ash. Sills, pillars, rails and ribs are mortised and put together with screws. Below the belt line the posts are 13 inches from center to center, which makes a rigid foundation for the paneling, which is of 16 gauge aluminum, with each panel separate and easily removed for repairs.

ROOF - The roof is of 1-inch fir panel, covered with No. 8 white duck, heavily painted. The interior shows the exposed bows, laid off in panels The curved sides will accommodate standard advertising cards.

HEATING SYSTEM - The heating system is of 1" seamless steel tubing heaters on each side of the body running full length, and protected by perforated metal housings. A regulator is installed on toe board, convenient to the driver.

Exterior paint is in a twelve coat system, with optional colors except white and light red. A lacquer finish is also optional. The interior is finished with roof flat white and all mouldings and panels stained light and finished with three coats of varnish. This aids in lighting. Floors are finished with two coats of shellac.

Body by Buffalo Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

DESIGNED for sight-seeing work among the mountains and canyons that surround Salt Lake City, this Pierce-Arrow de luxe bus shows the possibilities of the adaption of Buffalo bodies to special work.

The large plate glass windows found in the roof are of special interest, enabling overhead vision. Another feature of the roof construction is the pull curtains in the interior which allow the glass windows to be covered when not in use.

A large fleet of these busses is now in use in Salt Lake City, being operated by the Pierce-Arrow Sightseeing Company. They are finished in shining white enamel and each bus is individualized by a name that is typically "Utah" such as: Bee Hive, Sego Lily, Seagull, Silver, Copper, etc.

Each bus has a front entrance and a lengthwise aisle between two rows of upholstered seats. At the rear is an observation platform similar to those found on Pullman observation cars. It is shaded with an awning and provided with revolving chairs.


LIGHTING - Six dome lights are provided, one tell-tale stop light and four riding lights, with purple lens. Automatic step light is found at the service door. All lights are controlled by switches convenient to the driver. Passengers may signal to driver by means of parallel cords at the roof which operate a buzzer. A cigar lighter is found in the rear.

ROOF - Constructed of cross bows, suitably reinforced with iron braces, with three ply veneer on top, insuring great strength and rigidity. The roof is then covered with heavy oil duck and painted.

Eighteen plate glass windows, each 18" square are provided, each extending as close to the outside of the roof as possible.

SEATS - Seven seats, each seating two passengers, are provided in the main section of the bus. One large single chair is located next to driver. Two longitudinal seats, each seating three people, are placed over wheelhousing. The single chair next to the driver and three rear chairs have revolving pedestals. This plan provides seats for 24 passengers and the driver.

Body by Buffalo Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

THE CARAVAN - a de luxe traveling home, shows an interesting adaption of the Pierce-Arrow bus chassis for use of the individual owner. This special body, mounted on a Model Z 220 inch wheelbase chassis, contains every convenience found in a modern home. The most ingenious of devices have been utilized to use every inch of space without cramping the occupants.

The main compartment has the luxury of a modern drawing room. Four comfortable arm chairs are provided for the owner and his family. A pullman rug covers the floor. Book cases, reading lights, pullman tables, even a radio, are provided. All windows that drop are provided with adjustable copper screens. The arm chairs become comfortable berths at night with pullman curtains shielding the occupants.

In the back of the traveling home are found the kitchen and bath room. The kitchen is equipped for all kinds of cooking and contains a refrigerator. The bath room is complete with folding wash basin, shower bath and toilet. A 30 gallon tank located beneath the floor furnishes the water supply. The pressure is supplied by the engine.


CABINETS - Two large cabinets are found in this traveling home. One, on the right hand side, is a clothes closet and is equipped with hinged doors with full length mirrors in each door. The one on the left side contains a chest of drawers. The cabĀ· inets are made of American black walnut.

FLOORS - Floors are covered with linoleum with a rug in the main compartment. Drape curtains of Sunfast rep are used in the main compartment. This car is trimmed with an uncut plush with artificial leather above the belt line. Head room from floor to inside of roof is 70 inches.

EQUIPMENT - Equipment includes bumpers, wheel carriers, search light, marker lights, windshield cleaner, rear vision mirror.

BODY - Body is constructed of tough white ash with thick aluminum panels. Braces are of forged steel or malleable iron. Roof covering is of heavy oil duck. Heating is through 2 inch tubing, completely shielded and controlled by valve.

Body by Buffalo Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

COMFORT of the most luxurious sort combined with the practical advantages of the pay~enter body have made this de luxe pay~enter bus one of the most popular types on the market today.

This vehicle offers the utmost in riding qualities and facilitates fare collections, for all passengers when entering pass through the front service door and by the driver's seat. The center aisle speeds up loading and unloading, while the additional service doors and driver's door assist in handling passengers with the utmost efficiency.

The Buffalo Body Corporation, builder of fine bus bodies, has, in the de luxe vehicle pictured on the obverse page, combined beauty of exterior with strength and lightness of construction that sets a new standard in coach craft.

The purchaser has the option of a number of seating plans which cover practically every type of installation where a pay~enter type of motor bus is desired. Baggage space is provided either at the right of the driver, in the rear, or on the roof. Folding taxi seats are provided where baggage space is located inside, which allows this space to be used for passengers when not required for baggage.


FRAMES - Body frames are rigidly built of tough white ash, substantially reinforced with forgings. All joints are glued, screwed or bolted together. When two pieces of wood which are not glued or wood and metal is joined together, a heavy coating oflead and oil is first applied. Before applying panels, the frame is covered with wadding to prevent the possibility of rubbing or rumbling.

SEATS - Several types of seats are offered, all exceptionally roomy and comfortable with special springs and genuine hand buffed leather used for cushions and seat backs.

HEATING - Heater pipes are drawn tubing instead of the usual iron pipe. More effective radiation is provided by this method. Heater exhaust is equipped with muffiers, insuring quietness in operation.

VENTILATION - Particular attention has been paid to ventilation, standard equipment consisting of four automatic roof ventilators with two cowl vents, one on each side. All side windows drop into wells, including front quarter windows beside the driver. The oneĀ·piece windshield also aids in maintaining effective ventilation.

The service door control is located on the left side and convenient to the driver. An illuminated sign is installed over the windshield. Lovejoy shock absorbers are installed in the rear. Five color combinations are optional.

Body by Buffalo Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

BUILT to the specifications of a railroad company's executives, this type of de luxe pay~enter bus is of interest to bus operators everywhere. A number of these busses were recently delivered to the New England Transportation Company, and were made in accordance with the plans of the company's transportation officials. They are especially designed for inter-city work.

The bodies, built by the Buffalo Body Corporation, are of 27 passenger capacity.

They are equipped with four doors, a right hand service door, a front emergency door at the left of the driver, a baggage door at the right rear and a left rear emergency door.

The baggage space in the rear measures 40 3/8 inches long and is 86 inches wide. This compartment is equipped with five folding seats.


CLEAR VISION - Clearness of vision is an important factor in the design of this body, as it is in all Buffalo bodies. Front doors have been set back farther than is customary in ordinary practice, eliminating the bulky wood pillar from obstructing the driver's vision and leaving only a slender stanchion supporting the windshield. This design also accomplishes another purpose, giving a wide unobstructed passageway for the entrance and exit of passengers.

SEATING - All seats are finished in dark brown Spanish leather with the balance of the trim in artificial leather to match. Seats are of special design, equipped with comfortable cushions and roomy enough to accommodate persons of any size. Structurally, they are made in the same way as the chairs in your living room.

CHANNELS - An unusual feature in the construction of Buffalo bodies is the use of light weight steel channels for the support of body panels. These absolutely prevent drumming. As an additional precaution against noise, wadding is placed over the frame to prevent the possibility of chafing or rumbling.

WINDOWS - Clear vision is provided for passengers by setting the window pillars almost opposite the backs of seats, giving each seat an individual window. Windows are all in rust proof steel channels with heavy felt lining, insuring quietness.

Body by Buffalo Body Corporation Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

THE Pierce-Arrow Observation Coach is an example of striking beauty in coach-craft, with appointments raised to such a degree of luxury that it more closely resembles a private owned equipage than a public service vehicle. Although this particular coach is used by the United States Rubber Company for tire testing and special demonstration work, busses of this type are meeting with particular favor, especially in California where they are used for long distance sight-seeing trips.

This de luxe type of bus contains everything that adds to enjoyment of the ride.

Easy chairs, wide spacious windows that allow an uninterrupted view of the scenery, unequalled riding qualities and the luxurious interior combine to give passengers a degree of comfort that is equal to the appointments of a Pullman Car.

In this particular car a plate glass observation "platform" with grilled railing gives passengers in the rear a full view of the broad highway as it unrolls behind them. Chairs in the front are of the swivel type so that the passengers can sit in any position they may desire. An awning protects the rear seat passengers from the glare of the sun and gives a touch of distinction to the stern of this proud vehicle.

A water cooler, fans, railing over the rear wheel housings for storing away luggage and other refinements are provided. The dash and color of the exterior make it especially attractive.


FRAME - Constructed of tough white ash, seasoned by scientific methods, reinforced with forgings. Joints are glued or screwed together. After assembly, raw linseed oil is hand rubbed into frame to preserve it.

PANELS - Below belt 14 gauge aluminum, above belt 16 gauge aluminum.

LIGHTING - Six dome lights are located above seats, each having a 20 candle power bulb. Two flush dome lights are located over aisle, step lights at the service door, two rear marker lights, two tell stop lights, one emergency door tell light and one stop light are furnished. Dome lights over the aisle are controlled by separate switches.

SEATING - Seating arrangements are for 11 passengers and driver. However, most any seating arrangement can be provided. Seats have individual cushions and individual seats.

DOORS - Two doors are provided, service door at the front and left hand emergency door.

CURTAINS - Drape curtains of Sun fast mohair, with color in harmony with trim.

MOULDINGS - Finish mouldings are of solid American Black walnut, valspar finished and polished.

Body by Farnham-Nelson Company Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

THIS body is a well known coach builder's version of the popular pay~enter type and can be used either for long hauls or inter-city work. Every inch of space in its commodious interior has been designed to give the passengers every comfort. Built by the Farnham Nelson Company, it is a splendid example of this type of bus. The wide spacious windows permit an uninterrupted view, while the comfortable upholstered seats give the riders the feeling that they are reclining in their favorite arm chair at home.

The best grade of ash is used for the construction of the frame work, pillars and door pillars. All body sills are reinforced with heavy forgings at the front around the cowl and at the rear with special iron brackets. Panels are of 14 gauge aluminum.

For door panels and for window reveals on the doors, heavy aluminum castings are used. A one-piece windshield is used which opens forward to any desired position and is thoroughly water tight. An electric sign box fitted with electric lights and destination wording is standard equipment.


VENTILATION - Is provided by three large root ventilators and special ventilating air shield at the cowl, which, when the windshield is opened, diverts a current of air downward towards the floorboards.

BAGGAGE COMPARTMENT - This compartment, with entrance through door in the rear, will accommodate at least one piece of baggage for each passenger. It protects the baggage against the elements.

SEATING ARRANGEMENT - Twenty-five passengers with above described baggage compartment. Twenty-nine passengers by eliminating baggage compartment.

INTERIOR FINISH - The upholstery work is in a rich shade of dark brown Spanish leather used for seats and cushions and artificial leather to match on the sides of the body and roof covering.

HEATING - A complete system of seamless steel tubing is installed, welded together with elbows. The exhaust fumes are returned from the heater through the muffler and out through the regular exhaust pipe.

EQUIPMENT - Riding lamps front and rear, bumpers front and rear, spare wheel carrier on each side, well in each front mudguard. Approved type of windshield cleaner and rear vision mirror.

PAINTING - In all usual standard colors in either paint and varnish system or lacquer system.

Body by Alfred E. Bennett Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

THIS luxurious parlor car type sight-seeing bus has been especially designed by Alfred E. Bennett for sight-seeing tours around San Francisco. It has a capacity of 29 passengers and represents the most modern development in this type of bus.

Every detail that contributes to passenger comfort has been incorporated into the design of the body. Wide spacious windows allow full vision, while the luxurious wicker chairs with velour cushions and backs provide a restful seating arrangement.

The windows are equipped with regulators so that they may be adjusted to suit the passengers. Six large windows are placed in the roof, giving an opportunity to view canyon and mountain country.

An observation platform is provided in the rear of the car, similar to those found on Pullman observation coaches. It is complete with large plate glass windows, brass grill and canopy.

A large luggage carrier on the roof provides room for all the passengers' luggage and gives more space inside.


SEATING ARRANGEMENTS - Double seats, of armchair type, are located each side of the aisle, leaving ample space for easy entrance and exit. In the rear, next to the observation platform, are located six individual armchairs, mounted on swivel bases, so that they can be turned in any direction.

EQUIPMENT - Besides the usual dome lights, this bus is provided with individual reading lamps next to each seat. Ventilation is provided with roof ventilators. The front quarter windows also open for ventilation.

BODY DIMENSIONS - Length inside to back of dash, 278 1/2". Width inside, 87". Side panel overall, 39 1/2". Width of door, 33". Height inside clear, 65". Length of seats, 38". Width of aisle, 11". From top of step to top of floor, 12"

Tank and Equipment by Davis Welding and Manufacturing Company Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

DELIVERY facilities in the oil business are of paramount importance. Up to the advent of a year or two ago of a suitable high speed vehicle, the radius covered from both warehouse or bulk station was 25 miles. Beyond this distance delivery could not be made, because the cost of delivery would absorb all the profit on the gasoline or kerosene being delivered. This was largely because the vehicle used could not travel over 18 miles an hour without rapid depreciation and high maintenance cost.

With the Pierce-Arrow bus chassis carrying a tank with a capacity of 750 gallons, a radius of 50 miles has been handled economically and two round trips per day with capacity loads maintained.

The development of the Pierce-Arrow bus chassis has fitted it especially for tank car use-the modern Pierce-Arrow bus chassis being of extremely rugged design, reserve power, capable of moderately high speeds and easily handled. Such design results in low operating cost and extremely long life of the vehicle.


CAPACITY - The tank shown on the obverse page has a capacity of 750 gallons. It is made with four compartments and with 12 gauge corrugated douhle bulk heads. A four compartment bucket box is included, this is wood lined and welded to the rear compartment of the tank, forming an integral part of the same.

VALVES - Emergency valves, two inches in size, are placed in all compartments and a unit control for emergency valves is operated from the interior of the bucket box.

EQUIPMENT - Equipment includes mounting with running board, two inch galvanized iron piping ending in two inch Wheaton-Endurance faucets, McDonald Triplex vents and mud shields to protect the tank from wheel splash and one coat of sealing primer. Bumper is of the lift type.

Equipment by Boyer Fire Apparatus Company Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

EQUIPPED as a triple combination of pumping engine, hose carrier and chemical this form of fire apparatus satisfies most every need of the smaller city fire department or for residential districts in larger cities.

The six-cylinder dual-valve Pierce,Arrow engine drives a rotary pump rated at 750 gallons per minute at a pressure of 120 pounds. In a recent manufacturer's test this pump delivered 765 gallons per minute at the above pressure, therefore this pump makes a very satisfactory 750 gallon pump installation, being guaranteed by the makers to satisfy Underwriter's requirements. These, for a 750 gallon pump, are: 750 gallons at 120 pounds pressure, 375 gallons at 200 pounds pressure and 188 gallons at 250 pounds pressure.

The hose body has a capacity of 1200 feet of single jacket fire hose. Hose body is steel exterior and wood slat interior, built with the strongest type of construction so that it will give service over a period of years.

The fire engine is equipped with two standard Boyer tanks each of 35 gallon capacity. These are made of the best open hearth steel, highly finished. A five way by, pass is provided, with two and one-half inch connection for attaching fire hose to fill tanks through the piping, which is so constructed that either tank may be filled while the other is being discharged, or to run water through a chemical hose, to use as a deadener.


HOSE BASKET - The chemical hose basket is of high grade perforated steel, rectangular in shape with half oval aluminum casting or aluminum rollers, so as to allow hose to play out easily. The purchaser can have the option of an automatic hose reel. Capacity of hose basket or reel - 200 feet.

CHEMICAL HOSE - Qne hundred and fifty feet of 3/4" Underwriters' rubber covered, rubber lined chemical hose is provided. This is furnished coupled in 50 foot sections and is tested to 400 pounds pressure.

BODY FRAME - The body is heavy hardwood, thoroughly seasoned. It is equipped with solid frame plates from dash to extreme rear, well

cross braced and thoroughly reinforced with hand forged wrought iron braces. The frame is securely fastened to the chassis with large bolts. Cross bars of well seasoned hard wood are used.

LADDERS - Two ladders are furnished as standard equipment-one 24 foot extension rapid hoist ladder with solid sides and safety locks and one 12-foot root ladder with spring folding hooks.

EQUIPMENT - Other equipment includes extinguishers, axe, pike pole, crowbar, fire alarm system and searchlight. The painting is Boyer fire department red, with striping and lettering in gold leaf.

Body by The Lauritzen Company Mounted on Pierce-Arrow Model Z Chassis

FOR van work the Pierce,Arrow Model Z chassis presents many decided advantages. In inter-city runs its speed enables it to cover more miles per day, even when fully loaded. Lack of vibration due to the six-cylinder engine, pneumatic tires and smoothly running mechanism is important, since it reduces the risk of breakage, especially when carrying household goods.

The flexibility and power of the six-cylinder Dual Valve engine does away with frequent gear shifting an important factor in eliminating driver fatigue. Another valuable feature is the sleeping quarters, allowing the crew to take turns sleeping while on long runs.

For city work this type of bus is also useful, its quick acceleration allowing it to make good time through traffic. It is easily maneuvered, an important point in narrow city streets.

The builder of the express van body shown on the opposite page is the Lauriten Company of Fresno, California. Details of body construction of many years experience have been incorporated into its design.


CONSTRUCTION - Structurally, the body is made of the finest grade of materials, ash and oak being used throughout. All outside panels are made of Vehisote with the exception of the cab doors. Body length inside is 16' 6", width 84" and height 86". The roof is constructed of three-ply panels with galvanized metal covering.

DRIVER'S QUARTERS - A particular feature of the driver's quarters is its comfortable and sedan type doors.

NOTE- A similar type of van body to the one on the opposite page is manufactured by Donagon & Nealson, 25th street and Third Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. An all aluminum van body is made by the American Coach and Body Company, Cleveland, O.

The seat extends the full width of the body and is upholstered in genuine brown Spanish leather. The sedan type doors are equipped with crank regulators. Clear plate glass is used, 1/4" thick. The inside of the cab is lined with three-ply hardwood veneer panels.

EQUIPMENT - This includes such features as dome lights, front and rear spot lights, courtesy lamps, electric turning signal and road lights.

SLEEPING QUARTERS - There is ample room for sleeping quarters above the cab. This space can also be used for loading.

Body Builders' Plan, Model "Z" Bus Chassis - 196~inch Wheelbase
Body Builders' Plan, Model "Z" Bus Chassis - 220~inch Wheelbase