Pierce-Arrow Society Online Services 

Hints & Tips
To access the members-only pages of the Pierce-Arrow Society web site, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. You must obtain an ID from the Pierce-Arrow Society by completing our registration form to access these pages.
Requesting an ID

These tips may help if you are having problems requesting a username and password. If you have an ID but are having problems accessing the site, read the hints at the bottom of this page.

  • You must enter a complete E-mail address before the form will be successfully submitted. This must be in a form similar to:   jsmith@aol.com    It is not sufficient to just enter jsmith or John Smith. We must have your E-mail address to be able to respond when your account has been activated.
  • Select a username and password you will use to access the Pierce-Arrow Society pages. This will be a unique ID assigned only to you. Choose a username and password that you will remember. Your username and password should be at least six characters long and may have letters (a-z) or digits (0-9). These values will both be case-sensitive. This means that a username of JSmith1 is different from jsmith1, Jsmith1, and JSMITH1.
  • Usernames and passwords must be unique. If you select a username that has already been issued to someone else, you will be asked to submit a different one. Obvious username/password combinations will be rejected. Don't request the username Pierce with the password Arrow.

Trouble Entering Site

These tips may help if you have a username/password, but are having problems entering the Pierce-Arrow Society Member's pages.

  • When prompted for your username/password to access the Pierce-Arrow Society Members pages, you must use the ID registered with the Pierce-Arrow Society, not the ID you use to log-on to your Internet service provider (AOL, CompuServe, etc).
  • If you enter the wrong password and get the "Trouble Authenticating" page, try clicking on the Online Services link on the navigation panel on the left, then click the "Enter Members Area" button. If you do not get prompted again to enter your username/password, you may need to restart your browser. Exit your browser, start it again, and try entering your username/password again.
  • Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. This means that a username of JSmith1 is different from jsmith1, Jsmith1, and JSMITH1. Check to see if you have "Caps Lock" on.