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Tom, I agree completely with Tony – we both tour extensively. Lloyd Young has installed his Borg-Warner overdrives in two of my cars; a 1934 Buick sedan and a 1912 Oakland Touring. The enhancement was immediate and dramatic! These relatively low-powered and low-geared cars were still able to deal with hills rep their original differential ratios, but when overdrive was engaged, the engine speed was reduced by 30%. When cruising at 60 mph previously in the buick, we had the feeling that the engine was "working", but with overdrive, the car was doing 60mph but the engine was only doing 42mph. When I finally find and purchase the "right" Pierce-Arrow I will most likely ask Lloyd to install an OD because I believe that they make early cars more driveable.

An additional benefit is that once you become smooth in the operation of engage/disengage feature of overdrive you can drive the car as a 5-speed: 1st gear, 2nd, 2nd OD, 3rd, and 3rd OD; not always needed, but a neat option! E-mail me with any questions.

Marty Roth