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    I am a semi-new member of the Society. I collect bicycles and being originally from Buffalo NY I have a keen interest in Buffalo NY built bikes, especially Pierce Cycles. I have quite a few bikes ranging from the late 1890’s untill the mid 30’s. Among pretty much anything Pierce Cycles related, I am looking to expand my catalog collection. Currently I have catalogs from 1892(a mediocre quality copy),1899,1900,1902,1910,1920,1924 and 1935. If you happen to have any of the catalogs that I am missing, I would like to purchase the original, or high quality copy. I am also open to trade copies if you are looking for any that I have.

    Any other bicycle collectors on this board?

    Thanks for reading,

    Scott McCaskey

    Arlington, TX

    [email protected]



    The Pierce-Arrow Society library, housed at the AACA Library & Research Center, has several Pierce bicycle catalogs. Among the catalogs in the PAS collection not in your list are:

    1896 – Sixth Annual Catalog – 32 pages + covers

    1897 – Seventh Annual Catalog – 32 pages + color covers

    1901 – catalog – Xerox copy

    1903 – Thirteenth Annual Catalog – 24 pages + covers

    1904 – Catalog – 24 pages + orange/black covers

    1912 – Catalog 16 pages

    1930 – Bicycles & Juvenile Vehicles – 16 pages + green/gold/black covers

    You can contact the AACA Librarian to see about getting copies from them. Click the “Library”” link on the left for contact info. I don’t know if they are providing high-quality scans or Xerox copies…



    Scott, Paul Jacobs in Buffalo is one of the Society’s knowledge persons related to P-A bikes. He is on the Judging Committee for bikes and can help you. He’s in the roster.


    I appeciate the responses I have received thus far. I have emailed the AACA and hopefully they can help out with some of my missing literature.

    Scott McCaskey

    [email protected]



    I have sent you a scan of the 1895 bicycle catalog to detrermine if you can receive data electronically. Please confirm as I have many more to send you.



    I received the 1895 catalog, thanks very much! I am looking forward to receiving more. If you need any of that I have, please let me know.

    Scott McCaskey


    I have owned Nostalgic Reflections Co. for 41 years and we make reproduction parts for antique vehicles. I have attached a picture of some of the Pierce Arrow parts we have made. We do cloisonne, stamping, acid etching, screen printing, water slide decals, radiator scripts, medallions, bike badges etc. Jerry Turner 509-226-3522 Nostalgic Reflections, P.O. Box 350, Veradale, Washington 99037

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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