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    I was told this was ~1920 P.A. Photo was found by my wife at her Grndmother’s after her passing. She had no idea if the car belonged to their family or what became of it. Thanks for your help.




    The car is a 1916-1918 48-B-4 (fourth series) seven passenger touring. The fourth seies cars were built for three model years. The position of the front edge of the running board in relation to the rear edge of the hood make it a 48 hp car. The car is equipped with air springs probably Westinghouse.



    I recently discovered this car may have belonged to my wife’s Great-Grandfather H.M. (Henry) Mosher who lived in the Los Angeles, CA area and owned a dry-goods (5 and 10 cent) store. Her Aunt, told her she remembered riding in a Pierce-Arrow chauffered by a Mr. Amos Otis and wondered if the car (this one or a different one altogether) was still in existence today? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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