Pierce-Arrow Society Women's Activities 

Women's Activities

The Ladies Program Committee was established in 2006 at the Redmond, Oregon Board of Directors Meeting. However, for several years before that time, the ladies of the Pierce-Arrow Society had actively participating in the Annual Meet experience by wearing period clothing to complement their automobiles.

The first Pierce-Arrow Society Ladies event was a Tea at the Asheville Meet in 2004. Since then, each meet committee has offered a planned event for the ladies to attend. There have been Teas, a Classic Couture seminar, a presentation by a fashion historian and seminars of local women pioneers.

The Vintage Attic was introduced in 2006 as a regular feature of the Annual Meet. This Swap Meet is where members are provided the opportunity to buy and sell vintage (or vintage-look) jewelry, hats, clothing and accessories. Normally scheduled during the Swap Meet, the Vintage Attic is held in a separate area but all Men are welcomed to shop.

Women's Activities

A helpful item when looking to dress vintage is the Classic Couture reference manual. This manual was originally produced for the 2006 Seminar in a binder format for easy of updating.

The manual, if available, can be purchased through the Company Store. As a soft-cover book, each section divider is illustrated with beautiful vintage Pierce-Arrow color ad reproductions.

Classic Couture contains a history of fashion decade by decade.
1900-09, 1910-19, 1920-29, 1930-39

Overviews of each decade present clothing styles, including information for the men, with photos, written descriptions and illustrations for three venues of dress: Daywear/Touring, Afternoon Tea, Evening Wear. Reference documentation is included for books, websites, movies, catalogs, manufacturers and more with handouts from previous programs.

Women's Activities