Technical Information

The Pierce-Arrow Society offers members technical publications and expertise to properly restore, maintain, and operate their Pierce-Arrow vehicles. Our primary technical publication is the Pierce-Arrow Society Service Bulletin, which is published six times each year. The Service Bulletins reprint original factory service letters and also provide a forum for questions to the Pierce-Arrow Society Technical Committee. A Master Index and back issues are available to help maintain your Pierce-Arrow in top condition. The Service Bulletins are a great way to learn from the experience of others who have already restored their Pierce-Arrows.

In addition to the Service Bulletins, Pierce-Arrow Society members receive the Parts & Services Directory. This publication lists current sources for reproduction parts and restoration services. It also lists modern parts known to interchange with Pierce-Arrow parts. The Parts & Services Directory is an invaluable tool for anyone restoring a Pierce-Arrow.

Both the Service Bulletins and the Parts & Services Directory are available to Pierce-Arrow Society members on-line in a special area of this website exclusively for our current members.

Technical Advice

For questions not covered in the Service Bulletins, members of the Pierce-Arrow Society may send their specific Pierce-Arrow questions to our Technical Committee. Questions submitted to the Technical Committee are addressed by individuals with specific knowledge or experience with the problem at hand. This valuable service may help you get you Pierce-Arrow back on the road as soon as possible!

Technical Information Contact:
David White
2066 Fickle Hill RD
Arcata, CA 95521-9029
email: [email protected]

NOTE: When asking for information on your particular car, always give the serial number, engine number, model, body style or any other details that may help us provide the correct answers.

Original Factory Literature

The Pierce-Arrow Society Library contains hundreds of volumes of owner’s manuals, parts books, sales literature, blue-prints, and factory correspondence applicable to most models of Pierce-Arrows. These materials will help you determine authentic details of your restoration and provide you with the information to maintain and operate your Pierce-Arrow as the factory intended.

PAS Members may search the PAS Library for literature appropriate for their Pierce-Arrow. Owner’s manuals for most Pierce-Arrow passenger cars are available for download by members. Photocopies of other items are available for a nominal fee.

Technical Information & Library Available On-Line

To assist you in identifying your Pierce-Arrow, members have access to the following references: