1929 Color Sales Brochure w/price insert

1929 Color Sales Brochure w/price insert

 For Sale Parts / by Chris Diekman


Sales Brochure for 1929 in overall good condition.  The front cover is embossed with the “Pierce” logo.  The color pictures inside are vivid and enticing.  The brochure also features “throw back” pictures of the Adolph Triedler paintings from the “teens” featuring cars of the same style and colors as the new 1929 133 and 143 models.  Magazine ads from back in the day did the same thing and had a very nice look to them.  The brochure is 6″ x 13″ and includes a list price insert sheet.  There are 24 pages featuring the different models, new features and new specifications of the new 8 cylinder cars.  This brochure was apparently in a museum in Massachusetts as the cover has a small emboss of the museum name.  There are slight fold marks in the front cover.   The pages are clear and bright and the colors are still vivid, especially on the two tone paint jobs featured on the car pictures.  There are no markings or dog eared corners on the pages.  All the pages are intact, of course the price insert is a separate page.  A very attractive and colorful piece of sales literature that you don’t see very often.  You will enjoy having this one in your collection!


Price: $125 plus shipping

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