BOD Demo – Feb 29

I. Attracting New Members
Show the benefits of being in Pierce-Arrow Society

II. Retain Existing Members
Deliver the benefits of being a member of the Pierce-Arrow Society

III. Assist In Club Management

I. Attract New Members – First Impression
• Up-to-date design
• Compatible with all mobile devices (demo)
• Search Engine Friendly – site is easy to find on Google Etc.
• Benefits clearly displayed (demo)
• Member Benefits Menu –
> About
> History
> Advertising Gallery
> Publication Samples
> 2019 Annual Meet Video on Home page
• Members Only menu – visible, but not accessible.
• Easy to join online! Instant access and online credit card payment

II. Retain Existing Members – Member Services

Searchable, Viewable and Downloadable
• The Arrow – recent 6 issues online
Remaining waiting for board approval and technical access
• Service Bulletin – All issues online
• No need to order by snail mail

Emporium – Users can enter & maintain advertisements on their own with improved editing

Message Board
• Include multiple images and extended text editing features
• Searchable

Vehicle Search and Management
• Includes all vehicles for current and past members.
• Vehicle information, images and history are self managed.
• Members can transfer vehicles on-line
• Identify vehicles previously owned by a member

Members Search and Management
• User can sign-up, register and manage all aspects of their own subscription
• Members can update their profiles themselves (Address, phone, email, etc.)
• Changes are immediate and notifications automatically sent out
• Includes current and past members

Event Registration – online event registration & payment with reporting to meet chairman/committee

III. Club Management
• Site developed in WordPress for easy updating
• Management dashboard
• Easily updated
• Secure
• Club is no longer reliant on a single developer
• Members manage their own data
• Individuals can be assigned their own sections of the site
• Club records
• Money – Secure transactions via any credit card or Paypal