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Hi- Merlin- all right, yes, great news! I’m so glad someone finally decided to "rescue" this car. I went and looked at it in Atlanta a few years ago, even made an offer which he rejected, and only a couple of months ago had the guy offer it to me again.

My understanding is that the engine was in a shop that caught fire. I hope you can find it!

If you don’t have any luck finding an engine, I do have an extra Model 43 engine that I’ve been keeping as a spare, really don’t need it though. I also may have a few other items, I know I have pieces of an original wiring harness (that had conduit and junction boxes).

Great to hear you bought the car! It was a complete car at one time, is pictured in some earlier (60’s and 70’s) Pierce publications when it was toured and shown. The guy who had it down south sure did some serious disassembly, hope you found all the pieces!

Best David Coco