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Hi Bill- that sounds like fun! If this had been a couple of day shoot close to home, I would have done it; but they were looking for the "main" car, they needed it 5 weeks or more, and I could not take off work that long. I have done movies before; was in one in New Orleans a long time ago (1983), with a ’10 Hupp and a ’09 Sears Autobuggy. The best shot in the movie, to me, was me driving the Sears, in period costume, as the St. Charles streetcar went past on the median. Same as you, got paid for cars and got paid to be an extra. Jack Warden was in the movie, we started talking, asked him if the movie business was always "hurry up and wait", film a scene then sit around for 3 hours. He stated that it was sometimes boring, but "had it’s moments". I also remember the catered meals were great! best dc