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Oh, yeah! I forgot to mention the great food. We had the Chicago Police closing about eight blocks of LaSalle Street and blocking all cross traffic for each take of the shot. About 100 cars would all take off at the same time and drive about a block. That was the entire shot! Then we’d all have to back up to our original starting positions and do it again. There were 750 extras walking up and down LaSalle Street in addition to the cars. We did 15 takes of the shot and it was the most expensive day’s shooting of the entire movie. All for less than ten seconds in the movie. The shot was done on a Saturday in April and we were all dressed for winter with heavy coats and hats. Unfortunately the temperature was 85 and they wouldn’t let us roll the windows down in the cars (being winter and all). So we’d roll the windows up for the shot and then roll them down while we backed up to reset the shot.

We never actually saw Tom Hanks the whole day.

If anyone is interested I can send a digital photo of what the shot looked like just before they said "Action". I shot it from the driver’s seat of the ’29.