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OK, first, welcome to the club, and continue your search for a fine Pierce Arrow. They are great cars. I am going to go out on a limb here, as people these days seem hesitant to discuss values of cars. 1933 Model 836, in good condition. If it is a production car, in that condition, and your stated price (80,000) is in American dollars, it is overpriced by a factor of 3 or 4.
That said, if it is a custom body with an interesting history, or a woodie, in that condtion, it is only overpriced by a factor of 2 or less. I don’t believe any factory 836 models were open cars, so that option is left out of this discussion.
You should be able to buy a decent closed Pierce in the United States for 20K to 35K, American dollars, and get it shipped to Europe for a few thousand give or take, depending on how close the car is to a US port, and you to a European port. This won’t buy you a show car, but an excellent driver. There is a 1930 Model B sedan on the internet now, in very nice conditon, for $25,000 USD.
Shipping seems to be a no-brainer these days, I recently sold a Mercedes 230SL to Germany, buyer stated he could buy them in US and ship back cheaper than buying in Germany, of course Euro value can influence this. best David Coco