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Our member and my good friend of more than 30 years, Jerry Washburn of San Pablo, California, is a retired Master Machinist who specializes in re-engineering pre-war water pumps for better performance. He machines the interior of the pump body to permit the use of modern seals, and he uses sealed bearings instead of bushings. There is no more packing to tighten or replace, and the grease cup is then strictly decorative. You may have seen his ads in Skinned Knuckles.

Jerry has done four Pierce pumps and one Paige pump for me. Three of those were done over ten years ago and have performed beautifully.

His shop number is (510)724-5774 and is good Mon-Thurs 10AM – 3 PM Pacific Time. After hours/weekends, he’s at (510)235-2239. You can leave a message ONLY on the after hours number.

He offers a lifetime guarantee, but cautions that it’s HIS lifetime :-)