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No, RM never corrected the 1928 Model 36 at the auction. They had it misidentified from the very beginning on their fliers and websites, at the auction preview, and right up to the auction itself. On the screen in the auction hall, RM had not only the wrong identification but the wrong photograph! (They used the Model 81 Roadster photo.) All of the confusion could have been responsible for keeping the price down on that car. I think it sold very reasonably, at least compared to the original 1927 Model 36 that sold for big bucks (in my opinion) considering what I learned of its history and all that the car needed.

It should have been very embarassing for a major auction house like RM to screw up a listing that badly. This was not an auction of hotrod Chevy’s with one Pierce Arrow but an entire auction of similar-vintage cars. Was no one on their staff knowledgable on antique cars?? It would make me think twice about listing a car with them.