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Don’t throw out those gears yet, you may find it impossible to make or replace those. They are matched sets, and must be assembled with care. The gears come in sets and have an indexing mark on them. Take the old gears and grind off the edges of the chiped teeth. Reassemble with improved rivets and see if they won’t work for you. The gear teeth ‘walk’ around the two gear halves at a different rate to keep the gear noise down, and when properly assembled are remarkably quiet. There are two oppinion ‘camps’ on this transmission; one group hates this box and will try to get you to replace it with a standard 3 speed unit. Another group thinks that this was one of the finest manual boxes ever built. The average mechanic will ruin the box if not warned in advanced of its unusual design. Clark made this box for several major car companies, but Pierce had a unique design and characteristics not provided to the other companies. Call me if you need to discuss this further. Bill