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Thanks for the input. I am one of the guys that likes the transmission.

I have several thoughts about the third gear set. I am looking at a way of bolting the gears together with 5/16×24 grade 8 bolts. With the clearance this works perfectly on the lower set. The clearance on the top set is very limited. I think flat head bolts and a lot of locktight will work fine.

I am also wondering why they went with that set of gears when the input gear set have identical number of teeth. Why not just go with identical halves. It would make assembly a lot easier.

To my way of thinking the 2 1/4 inch woodriff keys adsorb all the rotational forces and the rivets are just there to keep the gears together.

Anyway I am checking with several gear manufacturers to see what it would take to have gears made. With cnc being what it is, there should be no problems in making the gears. The top and bottom sets are identical in OD and ID. The only difference is the recess for the retainer ring on the backside of the upper gear.

If anyone is interested in have the gear sets made let me know.