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As far as I can determine, all Series 80s came from the factory WITHOUT rear bumpers / bumperettes. Any that we find were either dealer-installed or aftermarket accessories. My 1925 sedan has tubular painted bumperettes that are 1-5/8 inch OD and have the letters "U.S." on the nickeled vertical clamps. The sedan is 1924 production and has the 1.5-inch OD FRONT bumper, so the scale of the 1.625 rear bumperettes is very close and looks good. On or about Jan 12, 1925, the company began installing larger 2.00-inch FRONT bumpers, which my 1925-production coupe has.

My 1925 coupe has nickeled double-bar conventional rear bumperettes.

For my money, either style is acceptable for judging, but I much prefer the tubular bumperettes since they echo the front bumper.

If you’re fabricating rear bumperettes, I’d suggest you go with a diameter that is close to the diameter of your FRONT bumper for consistency.

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