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I have been collecting Pierce tools for about 15 years and have gathered quite a lot of information and pictures. I always try to photograph original tool bags or tools when I find a car with original equipment. I literally have enough information to write a book on this topic. I’ve also got dozens of Pierce script wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers etc and quite a number of different pouches and bags.

I have copies of most all the Owners Manual Listings as well as the parts book tool kit listings from 1907 through 1935. There are no picture of tools, so you need to go by descriptions, and original car equipment.

What about tool bags??

The Series 80’s started with Billings tools and transitioned to Fairmount. I have Billings and Fairmount "tagged" bags with Series 80 Tools. These were very similar rolls and Karl has done a great service in reproducing these bags. None of the 80/81 bags were silkscreened with Pierce on them (at least that I’ve ever seen). The correct tool rool for 29-31 is unknown to me, as I’ve never found an original 29-31 car WITH a tool roll in it. It probably wont help much, but the Series 80 Tool Bag is P/N 101661. The 1928 Series 81 is also 101661. The 1929 P/N is 727770 and the same part number 727770 is in the 1930 Parts book. The 1931 Parts book does not list a "bag only", but lists a complete tool roll as P/N 750250.

For 1932, the "bag only" is listed as a 750251 Bag-Envelope, Brown Duck.

My belief, based on the long winded answer above is that the 1931 cars used P/N 750251 Envelope style bag which we’ve reproduced. (the p/n must have been taken out in 1931 to be one digit from the complete roll offered in 1931).

I’m always looking for very original cars with original tools (any year except Series 80/81 as I have plenty I think).