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Greg and Chris,

One caution that has often been offered by Eric Rosenau (our immediate past Chief Judge and who restores Pierces for a living) is to NOT RE-torque a head while the engine is hot.

On my cars, I let the engine cool for 60-90 minutes (but not overnight) before re-torque.

As to pattern, there is no specific pattern recommended other than to start at the center and work your way evenly out to both ends.

To clarify Chris’s information, I make one pass at 35, another at 50, and a 3rd at 65-70, then a final also at 65-70. Don’t be tempted to overtighten!

Greg, this is a very busy time of year for a lot of us. Frankly, when I saw your post, I thought "I really don’t have time to reply right now–if someone else doesn’t respond in a couple of days, I will." Perhaps others have been in the same boat. For everyone with a question like this, may I suggest that if there is no message board response to your tech question in a couple of days, e-mail it to Fay Butler (link to ‘ask Tech Committee’), who — if he’s not comfortable answering it himself — will send it to one of us who has experience with that year and model.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season!