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George is right about the time of year. But anytime you want a REALLY QUICK answer to a question like this, I’d suggest that there is another alternative that can often get you on the correct path.
The Society has 30 years of PAS Service Bulletins on three CD’s that are available through the Company Store. Most factory technical bulletins have been included in the club Service Bulletins. The advantage of the CD’s is that you can search by keyword, year or model number for almost any question you’ll ever have and have an instant display of relevant files. They are a fantastic tool!
After I obtained the set of CD’s, I seldom refer to the huge collection of paper copies that I had assembled in a 3 ring binder unless I break down on the road. It is almost always quicker and easier to go to the CD, print out the info I need right then and proceed to the car. As you do this you can put important info in a book to keep in the car when traveling.
If you don’t have them, you should get the CD’s. Then if you still need experienced advice like Chris or George offered, do a posting on the message board. But bear in mind that not many of us check the message board every day in the best of times. And unfortunately when dealing with Pierce-Arrows, there aren’t that many of us to begin with.
Happy Holidays!