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Ken: To add to Howard’s good advice: I put new rubber mats on my ’35 845 last year. Lionel Stone sells the correct rubber. Rather than grind off the ribs for the flat part under the doors, I bought flat rubber stock, of the correct thickess, then carefully cut a straight joint between the flat and ribbed rubber. I made pictures of an original ’35 at the Ashville Annual Meet in order to get the joint in the right place. The stainless trim that goes between every other rubber rib is available, but I never could find the correct wire clips. So I took small stove bolts and ground off two opposite sides of the head so they would just fit into the channel of the trim. They are held on by nuts and a dob of glue under the board. Larry Smothers found me a tapered cylinder that will correctly taper the ends of the trim as original. The large trim strip on the outer edge of the board that continues on the front fender is available from Max Merritt. I’ll be glad to mail you Larry’s tapering tool, pictures and stove bolts if it might help…Merlin