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George, thanks for the great response it is most helpful.. I understand the problems with the sulpur and will stay away from that like you suggested. So far I have used straight mineral oil in the transimission and it is in fact a Texeco product. I had to buy a 5 gallon pail but I will us it in my 27 as well. It was cheaper to buy the pail then to buy several gallons in the quart size so it worked out ok. I also went with the GL-4 in the differential as well and I believe it was the Sta-Lube like you suggested.

I have determined that the shocks are in fact Lovejoy Delco and have already taken them apart. It looks like one of the internal compression springs is damaged but I am still in the disassemble stage and have not gotten to the point where I can make a comparison to the others. What is your thoughts on using hydraulic fluid?

Once again, thanks for your timely and informative response.