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Syd, you’re most welcome. I need to get into the Delco Lovejoys on my 1934 840A, but was planning to send them out for rebuilding. You can buy shock oil in quarts from Buick reproduction parts specialist Bob’s Automobilia in Atascadero, CA (think his website is I use a small, flexible-nozzle, trigger-operated oil can from the hardware store to fill shocks on the car (dedicate a specific NEW oil can to that purpose, and mark it appropriately).

I hate to admit it, but I’ve bought time on shocks that leaked by adding STP via a small mustard squeeze bottle with a conical tip. It’s really very time-consuming but tides you over.

Houdaille shocks originally used glycerine as fluid but are usually rebuilt with seals that will accept shock fluid/hydraulic oil. If I think the shocks may not have ever been rebuilt, I’ll add glycerine from the drug store as it’s probably more benign to the old seals than petroleum-based shock/hydraulic oil. For colder climates, dilute the glycerine 10% with alcohol, as Pierce-Arrow recommended.

Delco-Lovejoys were manufactured to use petroleum-based shock/hydraulic oil.