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George, thanks again for the quick response. It looks like the use of the hydraluic fluid should be alright. I did note that when I took these apart that the last person to repair them used a "rubberized" material for the back plate gasket and it had deteriorated considerably. It was deteriorated to the extent that the rubberized material had become deformed and partially filled up the cavity under the cover plate. I have replaced it with a cork/rubber gasket which should stand up to the new fluid.

You mentioned that you were going to send your out to be repaired. Would you mind telling me who you use for this kind of work. The two rear shocks that I have do not have the same range of motion and I am not wuite sure why just yet. I need to do so additional disassembly but it might be helpful if I had someone to discuss this with if I am unable to sort it out. Thanks again for the advise. Later.