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The book "The Story of Pierce-Arrow" Album reprinted in 1977 by PAS answers the question on inspection and testing of cars before shipment.
On page 6 Making Sure are these words: "When a Pierce-Arrow car has been released by the mfg. and inspection departments, it is turned over to a force of inspectors who represent the customer. It is their duty to take the car out and drive it and see that every detail is exactly right before the car is shipped to its destination"
Page 1, Performance, is probably what is checked.
‘Power, quick acceleration, hill climbing ability, flexibility in traffic, speed, braking, control, silence and smoothness.
This book of course tells all the aspects of manufacturing to insure the car meets the extremely high standards for The Pierce- Arrow Automobile.

I believe the cars were shipped to the sales/service stations throughout the United States for delivery to the customer ( Ref: Page 37 of the named book)