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I am very close to the story of the Norwegian C-3 and it is a most interesting story.The serial number appears to be of the group that were shipped to Russia.Most automobiles in Russia in 1914-1915 were in the area around St.Petersburg and for many years there was a huge cultural linkage between that community and Paris,France.When the Russian Revolution took place in 1917,many of the wealthy among them no doubt some Pierce Arrow owners made their way to Paris.The Norwegian C-3 is currently being restored and in fact a correct intact frame was located in Colorado a few years ago and at this point I believe is a running chassis.It is believed that this car may be the one owned by Alexander Kerensky,the leader of the White Russians.He drove his Pierce Arrow out of Russia,then I think went to France and ultimately to Columbia University in New York City where he taught until his death about 1970 or so.I have seen a photo of him in his C-3 but it does not show the headlamps.THe Russians may have carried a preference for bracket headlamps due to their being less vulnerable and also so the car would blend in more with other vehicles.Those were interesting times.