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I too possess limited mechanical ability. The dual points in our Pierce-Arrows were the best technology available at the time. I have owned my 36 convertible sedan 41 years in April. Point failure has caused me to hitchike home virtually every time I have had a mechanical breakdown,with my 36 and my 31 convertible. John Ciselak, and other capable mechanics can beautifully repair and synchronize a distributor. However, the problem will be reocurring, trust me. My other three cars, 41 cad, 47 cad, 58 cad, all have electronic ignitions. Install it, forget it, end of story. The 58 was the first, I drove it to Detroit in 2002 for the Cadillac LaSalle annual meet, several tours since, no problems. If anybody would make an electronic ignition for our Pierce-Arrows, I will purchase two, and I am sure Bob Sands would also. Tony Zappone