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Wow, this is the classic authenticity versus reliability/convenience/comfort discussion. I can certainly see the merits of each side. To confuse the issue further, here are a few more suggestions.

First, add to the expert advice that you’ve already received by talking to others who do quite a bit of driving and have kept their cars relatively authentic and maybe a clearer picture will emerge. For example, in my rather limited number of PAS acquaintances, I know that Bill Morris drives his car a lot, has won more than one award for longest distance traveled to an annual meet, and is very knowledgeable mechanically. Certainly he could provide additional insight.

Second, I have sometimes made a “modern upgrade” to my car for convenience and performance sake, but done it in such a way that the upgrade could be easily reversed should I or the next owner care to do so. Maybe my approach is a decision not to make a decision, but this approach has sometimes made me feel a lot better about making a change.

Or I guess that you could just flip a coin :-)