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Hello Mika,

Welcome to the Pierce Arrow Society! It is great to see a young person interested in collecting cars, especially one interested in Pierce Arrows!

There really isn’t much of an interchange manual of parts with other makes of cars. Pierce Arrow made many of their own parts, so other than electical parts like Delco-Remy, and roller and ball bearings, there are few parts that are common to other cars. What you will find is that some parts will exchange between 33-35 Pierce Arrows, (depending on the part).

The Pierce 8 Cylinder engine is unique and designed by Pierce. It was introduced in 1929 and refined through the years until the company went out of business in 1938. The Pierce 8 is similar in some respects to the Studebaker 8, but is truly unique and very little interchanges between them. As an example, the Pierce 8 sports 9 main bearings. I think that the Stuedebaker 8 only has 5.

Since you just recently joined, I will make sure you get a copy of our 2009 Roster. This will show all the other 1935 Pierces in the club and their owners. It would be good for you to make contact with other 1935 owners as they can provide expertise from working on their cars, recommendations for parts, or possibly even a source for a missing part.

I will also be sending you some past articles and information on the 1935 that I think you will find helpful.

Once again, welcome to the club!

Happy Motoring,

Chris Diekman