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I have stock engines and drivetrains.Transistor ignition was added to one

(for better starting?)Interiors are original style,but material is questionable.The ’35 has oversize tires and metallic paint(Studebaker

production available in 1932,by 1935 Chrysler and others offered it).A P.A. could be obtained in any color,but P.A. clientel were conservative

and unlikely to order such a color(unless she was a madam).Some electrics

have been changed.Neither are operating on the automatic choke.

Maybe my comment on originality was in error.I’m straining to find shortcomings.

The point is,we can drop the same amount restoring our cars as the rare

and extremely desireable.But we will only get a fraction of what they will

get back.Know what you are in for and act accordingly.I have great affection for my cars and they will drive with the best luxury cars of they’re time(internationally).

Yes,a Duesenberg would pull away from a Pierce,but it is not sweet to drive like a P.A.However,If working out your muscles is a priority,the

Big D might be the way to go!With poor roads and low speed limits,performance was measured differently than today.

Tony Costa