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There has been quite a bit written about the Studebaker influence on the Pierce Arrow Eight.The eight cylinder Pierce Arrow engine was designed before the Studebaker purchase took place.Obviously the infusion of money helped Pierce Arrow to bring the new car out when they did.Pierce Arrow took advantage of Studebaker’s casting facilities when having castings done to Pierce Arrow standards and yes,some general parts were common to both engines like I believe valves.This would make economic sense.The two engines are quite different and it has been said that the new Pierce Arrow Eight engine of 1929 was the best eight cylinder automobile engine of its day.Pierce Arrow in my opinion needed to have this eight cylinder engine some four or five years earlier in order to stay abreast of trends in the luxury car market but the company did not have the cash to do it.I might also mention that the 1929 Studebaker President had seven main bearings where the Pierce Arrow had nine.I believe it was 1931 that the President got nine main bearings.Certainly engineers from both organizations discussed automotive design which would make good sense.Pierce Arrow block castings were aged way longer than those of Studebaker.