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Hi Dave,

It’s been about 4 years since I set up the timing on my 1922 Series 33, but as I recall, I ignored the flywheel and worked off of #1 Top Dead Center.I set the left side first, to have the points open just after TDC (maybe just 1 degree). I then set the right side (rear) points to open at exactly the same time as the left. I start the car on full retard and then get a nice pick up in power and idle speed with an immediate move to full spark advance, where I run most of the time. Under load climbing a big hill, I sometimes get a slight knock at full advance, so I back off just a tick under that condition. The power difference is quite noticeable when I run both sides simultaneously (which I do most of the time), but the car can perform on either side alone, too. As I recall, I had to play with it a little at first, but the #1 TDC method got me in the ball park right away. Now, the more I drive it , the better it runs. We just completed the Modoc Tour last Saturday, and it pulled all the big hills in 3rd gear easily.