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I bought a 3.857 Phil Bray gearset (the number 0108 – which I believe is the set number – is one of the numbers inscribed on the pinion) in December of 2007 for my 1932 Model 54 Club Sedan with a factory 4.417 gearset. The only reason for the purchase was to cruise at modern highway speeds as the original gearset was functioning perfectly well. John Dillman and I bought at the same time, so we believe that we purchased “duplicate” gearsets. I had a professional father and son team (combined 64 years mechanics experience with 300 gearsets installed, many for racing, and father a master machinist and damn smart mechanic) unsuccessfully attempt to install the 3.857 gearset. The labor cost to me, including re-installation of my original gearset, was $2520. Not a fun experience. I’ve since sent the new set back to Phil Bray who has received them and said that he will reimburse me for the set itself ($1950) plus shipping, but none of the labor cost. Hopefully his check is in the mail.

I’d be happy to provide any additional information that would help lead to a resolution of the problem some PAS members are having with some of Phil Bray’s gearsets.