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I too, have had a set of Phil Bray’s high speed ring and pinion installed on my ’32 Pierce V12 limo. Though I purchased this set several years ago (I believe it was one of his first run sets) they have been installed and are functioning just fine.

As I am not a mechanic, My friend and fellow PAS member Ed Linn (the mechanic John Dillman referred to in MI) installed these gears.

As noted, Ed has installed over a hundred of these sets and has the experience needed to do the job right. If there is a problem, he’ll find it. If not, he can install them successfully. I did not experience any problems with the installation.

I know Phil Bray personally and the last thing he wants are any ill feelings being circulated about the ring and pinions sold by him.

Right now he currently has several members sets (including my original set) that he is checking for problems. If the need arises, I have given him permission to remove the high speed rear end out of my car to help look for clues to solve the problem and to help eliminate any problems for the future.

While I cannot take away the headache and expenses some people have suffered during this process, I have been in several lengthy discussions with Phil and Ed and they are both trying to resolve the problem.

I hope the problems can be mended and you guys have your cars out on the road soon.

My two cents.