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I bought a set of 3.85 gears from Phil Bray about 5 years ago and had them installed in our 1933 1247 by Scott Statsny in 2008. Scott was unable to set up the gears without a noticeable off throttle whine. Both Scott and I discussed the problem with Phil during the installation process and he insisted that it was the fault of the installer or a faulty or warped housing. Scott used his vast experience to do the best he could to minimize the whine. Our 1933 is a relatively low mileage largely unrestored car.

Having poor hearing myself and never a passenger in the rear seat, I have lived with the whine noise and enjoyed the ratio change for about 1,000 miles so far.

At Phil’s request in mid-September I sent him my original 4.56 gear set for him to compare to his existing patterns. He indicated that he wants to correct whatever problems there are for future production. That doesn’t help those of us who have invested time and labor expense with the questionable previous products, but hopefully will provide a better result on future production.