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I have had both sets in my 30 Victoria coupe. I started out with a 3.54 set when I first put the car together in 2000. It was a pain in the butt to grind out the case for the ring gear and the assembly procedure is completely different. I drove the car to Buffalo and back with only a broken axle for problems. I can’t blame that on the gear ratio, just weak steel. It probably didn’t help that at the time my clutch had a bit of a chatter. Since then all that stuff has been fixed.

I helped Arnold Romberg build up a set of 3.85 gears and installed them in my car in 2006. I had a few problems getting them adjusted but I thought that I came up with a good alignment. I drove them at one meet and had no problems with them. I only put 500 miles total on the gears.

It may be worth the time to go back and recheck that alignment.

I decided that I liked the 3.54.ratio better so I changed back. With my 4 speed tranny the first gear becomes very usable. Third gear becomes a nice around town gear.

I never kept track of the gear numbers.