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Mika and Tony,

I’ve had five Pierce and one Paige water pumps re-engineered by our member Jerry Washburn in California–three of those pumps have been in service for 13-14 years without problems. Jerry is a retired Master Machinist and has been a good friend for 35 years. He has done pumps for a number of PAS members. Jerry replaces the bushings with sealed bearings, then machines out the housing to accept modern seals from the Grainger (a major industrial supply dealer in the U.S.) catalog. When he finishes, there is no more packing and the grease cup is strictly decorative–no more water pump grease, and no packing to tighten every so often. He charges about $300 USD (plus shipping) to re-engineer an 8-cylinder pump if there are no complications, such as an eroded impeller. Reproduction impellers are available. Cooling seems to be a recurring issue for most prewar cars, and this process helps a great deal to make your car reliable in that area. You can probably get a similar process accomplished in Finland.

Tony, e-mail me for latest phone numbers and hours for Jerry if you are interested in having him do your Stude pump–by the way, he has a 1928-1/2 President 8 roadster.