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Mika —

I see you are in touch with Dave Murray. He as replacement bows and arrows for archers.

I can endorse Teebays’ recommendation for Jerry Washburn to do your water pump. He redid mine for my 1923 Series 33. It had leaked for years, in spite of having a new shaft, and new packing (several times). Now it doesn;t leak a drop. I don’t think you have to fear the pump getting lost is you send it insured or registered. You have anough work to do yourself, and Washburn will be the last person that works on your water pump.

I am rebuilding almost all of the wood for a 1930 P-A convertible sedan. We couldn’t find good ash stock around here, so we are using soft maple throughout. It is a deslightful wood (called soft only because it is softer than hard maple, which is TOO hard). Takes screws well — fine straight grain, sands to almost a polish. (We aren’t using nails, but the wood never spllits.) I don’s know what woods are available to you, but I enourage you to use the nicest wood you can get — don’t worry about trying to find the same wood that was used originally (the northern white ash).

As you now by now, a good many PAS members are anxious to help you get your car in good shape. When you get your roster, check out the few other Pierce owners in Scandinavia.

Arnold Romberg