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Hi Joe,

Though they look similar, the 1930 8 cylinder distributor caps are different than the 1932 8 cylinder distributor caps. The 1930 A and B cap is the Delco part 828682. Just to make it interesting, the 1930 Model C used a different distributor, and therefore, a different cap, Delco # 823525, which is slightly smaller in physical size. The 1932 Model 54 used the same distributor as the 1931 Model 43, and happily use a common cap, Delco # 1844659. So as you can see, they are all different part numbers in this era of cars, even though physically, they kind of all have a family resemblance, being 2 piece caps with a cap cover that retains the 9 ignition wires in place. The good news is that at least Pierce kept using the #1844659 cap on the 1933-38 8 cylinder engines, also on Studebaker 8’s and Auburn 8’s….not that it makes them plentiful or anything, but maybe a little less rare!

Part number is the best way to distinguish them, although some of the manufacturer’s molded in a maker’s mark. In addition to Delco-Remy caps, I’ve seen Standard, Echlin, Mapco, P&D, as there were several aftermarket brands that made these. Some of them had no familiar Delco-Remy mark, nor any marking at all. I have not noticed much difference between the various brands from a quality perspective, perhaps another member has a story about a particular brand that tended to carbon track inside, or one that was more brittle than another.

Happy motoring,

Chris Diekman