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I neglected to mention in my last posting that John Parks also has a 3.85 gearset that he purchased from Phil Bray in May of 2003. This unit was installed by Ron Blissit, and because it is installed, John is unable to read the numbers on it. This unit has not been run. John’s 3.65 gearset that I referred to in my last post was purchased in November of 2003. I mistakenly said that it had been installed. It has not been, and that is why John was able to read the numbers.

We now have over two months of comments concerning Phil Bray and Phil Hill gearsets. I’m not sure of all the intentions of this poll, but I would think that one intention would be to determine whether the sets that are still “sitting on shelves” are likely to either have problems or to be problem free. If this is the case, it seems to me that it would be most helpful at this point to have input from Phil Bray. I’m trying not to be too much of a “pain,” but that notwithstanding, Bob Jacobsen, since you initiated the poll, are we at that point yet?