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Further to Dave’s comments on the brakes: First, for almost any mechanical-brake car whose parking or ‘hand’ brake operates on the wheel brakes, when the hand brake is applied (‘on’) as when you are parked, you will always have a low pedal–lower than when the hand brake is off.

The 1933-35 mechanical power brakes have a low pedal (with hand brake ‘on’ or off’) when not moving. That’s LOW, not ‘on the floor.’ There are adjustments for pedal height and for the sensitivity of the power assist, and these are covered in several Service Bulletins.

My own experience is that you should lift your foot off the floor and touch the brake pedal near its actuating arm, just like a regular brake pedal–rather than to flex your foot as we do on our accelerator pedals. I think the accelerator-type pedal used as a brake pedal on the 1933-35 cars was principally a gimmick, as I can’t become comfortable using it that way on my 1934.

Mika, first make sure each wheel can turn freely, then check to see if each wheel’s operating mechanism at the backing plate moves while an assistant steps on the brake. You MAY have some rusted brake cables.

I prefer to disconnect the power assist from the front and rear brake rods (transmission vicinity), then adjust each wheel brake individually, then re-connect and go about the other adjustments. Expect some trial and error.