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You’ll be sorry!My 1934 836A(5,000 lb. land yacht)out-stops my

1937 Studebaker State President(4,000 lb Pierce-Arrow impersonator),

by a mile.The Studebaker,a wonderful driving car(independent front

suspension based on their Indy race car,stock overdrive,first year

tubular shocks(like modern ones),variable -ratio steering for easier

parking and a 90+ top speed(a ’39 Cad I had at 16 topped out at 82mph),

has hydraulic brakes.They were completely gone through about 6 years

ago at great expense.I’m always fighting moisture in the lines and a

proper adjustment.The Pierce hasn’t been worked on for a decade or two.

Works fine.I also have a ’35 that’s heavier and it brakes similar to

the ’34.With mechanicals I always have brakes even if something goes