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thanks for the parts and the photo! Looks awesome! Just like the parts you sent ! ;)

I haven’t had a chance to install any of those yet, since I’m a little bit stuck in the removal phase…

I ordered some new tools for work with Pierce and my helicoil set has lost on it’s way. Darn.

I also located some more parts and I’m waiting a quote at the moment. Also, some other parts came up as well. :)

I purchased the PAS bulletins from fellow club member, and there really is lot’s of reading..!!!

At the moment temperature is about 5 fahrenheit in Finland… So it’s COLD to work with Pierce at the moment. We are planning to get a gas heater, but the problem is that it’s so COLD that we can’t do anything ;) (Yes, I think I’m getting too old). This is the coldest winter I can remember!!! :(

So, I will be updating as soon as I get something really done this time.

Thanks for the tips on brakes.