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Hi- a touring car (seats, doors, quarters, kick panels) usually takes 6 to 7 good hides (50 square feet, minimal defects in leather). This can vary slightly, of course, for example, a lot of tourings have leather covering the back of the front seat, and that’s a large area. Jump seats would add square footage. Some carpet has leather binding, so there you’d need to get a piece of a hide skived and formed into single edge binding. Some defects in leather can be hidden in sewn seams, so style of interior matters too. From that you should be able to judge how much of a closed car you can do. You might get seats and doors done with 6 hides, but rear quarters and headliner would need to be other material. I’ve only done one car with a leather headliner, a Cunningham coupe, and that is no fun, headliner needs to be a light material. Best- dc