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David, Thanks for the advice on the 3.85 gears etc. As of right now my 1247 is not going anywhere as it only runs on one side. I am not getting spark on one side of the engine. Spark at the coils , but not through to the plugs. We had a mechanic friend who is in our local old car club come up twice and try to fix it , but after four hours he just laughed and said he could’nt believe how well it ran on just half the cylinders. PAS member Bill Lawton is going to drive over from Boise and look at it soon. It should not be anything hard to fix, if you know the Pierce 12. I’m just not that good with electrical problems. The car is all but finished , just little things, adjustments, ect. I am now retired from the university, but the honey do list is long. This summer it’s sideing on the house, and then start my shop, which I plan on being 60×34 feet so have a lot to do. It will be nice after ten years of work on the 1247 to drive it ! I will post photos soon. Doug Vogel