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The 1927 colors for model 36 do not mention ‘Blue Hour’, but could be correct for model 80. !928 & 1929 do not mention ‘Blue Hour’, but was a standard color in 1930. Blue Hour by Ditz-Lac (Ditzler) #IM-453 is:

Ultrmarine Blue 6%

Prussian Blue 63%

Bone Black 21%

Auto White 10%

See PAS Technical issue 1975 -Issue #4

I have a color chip from Acme White Lead & Color Works:

# 602 Coach Blue Medium 1 QT.

# 809 Basic Tinting Maroon 7.5 Oz.

# 556 Proxlin White 1.8 Oz.

This chip is old and faded to the point you can not tell what it looked like.