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To add to Paul’s information:

1. Try to re-install the nut on the first 2 or 3 threads which banging on the hub puller so that the hub won’t come flying off and possibly cause injury. The hub only has to move 1/4 inch or less on the axle’s taper to break free.

2. I read a couple of years ago (in Skinned Knuckles?) that we should NOT put anti-seize compound on axle tapers when re-installing, because the friction between the taper and hub is desirable and reduces wear. Does anyone have a better recollection or can you cite a reference, one way or the other? Accordingly, the last hub I re-installed (last Sept)got a thin coat of silicone lube, which I first sprayed onto a paper towel well away from the car. That said, I used anti-seize for 25 years with no apparent ill effects.

3. On one Pierce with extremely difficult to remove hubs (16 years ago), I followed an oldtimer’s advice to leave both rear wheels on, loosen nuts on both rear axles, then jack one side (only)of the car up and bang on that one–which would loosen the hub on the ground on the other side. That worked on one side, anyway.