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I battled overheating for years…with new core. The most important steps for me were having the pump/vane clearance right to stop sucking air and getting the timing advanced far enough. It now is good with an anti-freeze mix but that’s a climate and storage issue to balance. With either 8 or 12 a spurt at shutoff will occur unless everything is perfect. Usually it is only a few ounce and not a concern at that level. Foaming must be eliminated entirely. Gano see through in-line filters are helpful with that issue,but probably cost a point penalty for judging.

Anyone who says they have never had any overheating issues with a V-12 probably doesn’t do a lot of driving, but it can be managed to success with the right effort. After all, Seagrave used these for many years to run fire pumpers while not moving at fires.

Temperature gauge readings are taken at the right rear of the engine which is the hottest place in the cooling cycle and can be misleading.

Everybody has given you the right advice so far. Good luck.