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Changing your coolant to pure water will help. Water conducts heat better than a glycol mix. Did you clean out your radiator or recore it during the restoration? Are you sure the waterpump seal is not letting air in which allows the coolant to foam further reducing the coolant’s heat-conducting abilities.

Is your fuel line in the original location from the tank to the fuel pump? Re-routing the fuel line to outside the frame, keeping the line as far away from the hot exhaust system will reduce the fuel temperature in the fuel line, reducing vapor bubbles forming, creating ‘vapor lock’ in the fuel system.. An electric pump helps, but having cool fuel in the line will allow the mechanical pump to work much better.

What is the temperature of the water neck where it comes out of each head, before it goes into the upper radiator hoses? And what is the temperature of the upper radiator tank, measured below the water level in the tank?

Your thermostat only controls the radiator louvers.. I’d mechanically prop the louvers open untill you get your heating issues solved.

Hope this helps..

Greg L.